New Year's Resolutions (a.k.a. Good Intentions)

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I was always one of those students at school who loved getting a new exercise book to write in; that smooth clean page to write on.  I was always determined that my writing in this new book was going to be faultless and would often try out new handwriting styles.  This ‘perfection’ usually lasted for the first half a dozen or so pages and then would return to my usual writing style/layout/errors etc.  This didn’t ever stop me from doing the same thing the next time I started a new exercise book however.

For me New Year’s Resolutions are a bit the same.  Whilst I have never been a big fan of New Year celebrations as such there is something which appeals to my neat and tidy mind about the ending of one year and the starting of another, with a clean slate, endless possibilities, that pristine clean page again.

Most years I try to make some resolutions and, if I am lucky, I stick to a couple for more than a couple of months.  This New Year I feel more focussed and determined than in previous years to make sure that 2016 is a game changer.

The past few years have been difficult and eventful, with the loss of family members as well as the start (and gradual growth) of Luna Bear Gifts.  Interestingly the resolutions that I made last year which related to Luna Bear were the ones that I kept – to launch my own website, to try some different lines and to do more craft fairs.  The ones that I failed at were the more personal development, family and home ones – to lose weight, exercise more, decorate the house etc.

As I am feeling more determined this New Year I have decided to make 10 resolutions, and to give me added incentive to actually stick to them, I am going to list them here so that you can hold me to account and I will be able to review them at the end of 2016 to see how I have done.

So here goes…

1. Lose weight – I’m not going to set a specific target here but suffice it to say that a couple of dress sizes are involved

2. Exercise  more – I’m not a gym lover but I do like walking, cycling and swimming so my intention is to incorporate more of each into my daily life and routine

3. Blog regularly! – if you take the time to look at the dates of the blog posts so far you will see that they are anything but regular.  My intention is to be far more organised about the whole blog writing thing.  Hopefully with a mixture of topics and something of interest to everyone.  I won’t commit to a particular frequency at the moment as I am going to play it by ear but definitely at least once a month.

4. Increase my social media postings and presence – you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but again my postings are somewhat erratic (putting it generously).  This year the plan is to increase postings but the challenge will be to try and make sure they are relevant, interesting and hopefully have decent photos.

5.  To do more craft fairs – the ones that I have done this year have been really successful and a whole lot of fun but they were mainly around the Christmas period.  This year I would like to try and do some during the summer as well.

6.  To decorate my house – this year we decorated my daughter’s bedroom and had a new kitchen but that still leaves our bedroom, our spare room, living room and the hallway and landing. 

7. To tidy the garden – I am currently cultivating what would be described as a wild meadow!  Although it isn’t a big garden it always seems to require a lot of looking after.  This year I want to try and get on top of the tidying and get back to growing some veggies.

8. Develop some new product lines – I have some ideas already on this front.  Ultimately I want to be a brand and business which offers customers something different, and maybe a little bit quirky, for the everyday accessories that we use for ourselves and around the home; if you have to dry the dishes why not do it with a cheerful and bright tea towel?

9. To go on more day trips, visits etc – I did have ideas this year to go to various tourist sites and venues, trips etc but then never actually got around to it due to inefficient planning.  Which brings me nicely on to my final resolution

10.  To actually use my diary/planner – I have a lovely A5 Filofax but this year I have been somewhat useless in actually using it to plan and organise…MUST DO BETTER!

So there you have it, 10 resolutions for 2016.  I will do a review in 6 months just to check I am still on track and then see how much has been achieved at the end of 2016.

I would love to hear some of your 2016 New Year Resolutions (Good Intentions) so please share. 

Finally, whether you decide to set yourself some resolutions or not, I hope that 2016 is a happy, healthy year for you, full of joy and at least some excitement.

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