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Today is the 46th Earth Day. A chance for us to stop and think about this planet of ours and how we can help to ensure that it is still around in another million years.

I love seeing pictures of the Earth from space.  When you see the Earth as a whole it certainly makes you appreciate just how small your own little bit of it is.

For the geeky ones amongst us did you know that the Earth is 4.543 billion years old (it's not looking too bad for that ripe old age!); it is 149.6 million kilometers from the sun and has a radius of 6,371 km.

The purpose of Earth Day is to get people thinking about the environment, climate change etc and what we, as the current tenants of Earth, can do to ensure that there is something left to pass on to the next tenant at the end of our tenure.

Now I've got you all thinking about this planet of ours I thought I would also share some ideas for gifts and accessories with an Earth theme:

world cushion This cushion by Girl and Bird is the perfect accessory to any room.  If you fancied something a bit more personalised then you can choose the location and they will print the fabric and make the cushion showing your special place.
globe The obvious choice when thinking about the Earth is a globe.  This website has a huge selection (who knew there were so many different ways you could depict the world?!) at prices to suit most budgets.  I bought this one for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it.  The quality and attention to detail is impressive.  The only problem you will have is finding enough places in your home to house all the globes you are bound to want to buy.
earth cufflinks As an unusual gift idea how about these cufflinks? They are stunning and would make the perfect gift for the man in your life (Father's Day is coming soon *hint, hint*)
lat-long keyring Something slightly different is this latitude, longitude keyring.  Something personal with a location special to you, or a loved one.
lonely planet magazine How about a subscription to Lonely Planet Magazine?  The images in the magazine are stunning, their travel guides are practical and detailed and I guarantee you that you will come away with a list of places to visit as soon as you have finished reading your first copy.

You can also find items with an Earth theme in the shop here, here and here

All this talk of the Earth has got me thinking about travelling and holidays; I'm off to browse some sunny climes.  I'd love to know what your favourite locations are or where your dream holiday would be.

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