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Well hello again.  

Those of you who have read my New Years Resolutions blog post will know that one of the aims was to blog more regularly - oops!  The first third of the year this went quite well (once a month posting was good for me!) but since then I'm afraid things have slipped a little - well okay A LOT!  That's where the first part of this blog title comes from - my how time flies, how did it get to be September already?

I have done better with some of the other resolutions I made so here's a quick update, I'll do a proper review at the end of the year:

1. Lose weight - so far I have lost 2st (28lbs/12.7kg).  Before you think that's a bit disappointing in 9 months, I actually didn't start the diet/health plan until the beginning of June.  Still a way to go before I reach the target I have set for myself, but I am super motivated and determined that this time it will stay off.

2. Exercise - Coupled with the weight loss, I am walking a couple of miles a day and swimming once a week.  Whilst I won't be winning any Olympic medals any time soon, for someone who was a bit of a couch potato, this is good progress.

3. Craft Fairs - As well as the regular monthly Farmer's Markets that I was already doing, I have also this year done the two day Clare Craft Fair.  Set in the stunning surroundings of Clare Priory in Suffolk, this fair was over two days at the beginning of July.  We were fortunate with the weather and had tons of visitors over the two days.  It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet other local (and some further afield) creative businesses.  Definitely one for my calendar for next year.  I will also be at the Balsham Craft Fair in October and possibly one more fair in December, so I have definitely achieved the aim of more fairs this year already.

4. More days out - This has definitely been achieved.  Some of this was down to the English Heritage Arrow Hunt to celebrate the Battle of Hastings.  As part of a series of events English Heritage hid a number of arrows around their sites across the country.  Each arrow had a prize ranging from souvenir items to life membership.  I was already a member of English Heritage and have visited several sites but kept meaning to visit others and as a consequence of this competition the family and I set out across the Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk countryside in search of arrows.  We didn't find a single one! But we had some lovely days out in pursuit of the elusive arrows.

5.  Social media - definitely a work in progress!

6.  Diary/planner - I feel I have 'nailed this'!.  I have finally found a way of using the planner which works for me, and ties in with the second part of the blog title 'To do lists'.  I am a 'list' person.  I have long since accepted that I need a list to function properly.  There is something very satisfying about writing down what you need to do and then crossing that off once it is done.  It's that visual reminder that no matter how unproductive you feel your day has been, if you have managed to cross something off your list you know you have achieved something that day.  

A list helps me to stay focussed otherwise I become a rabbit caught in the headlights of too much to do and not knowing where to start.  Juggling a full time day job and this business, as well as a family and home life, means that I have to be organised and stay on top of things.  Lists and my planner enable me to do that.  I have a list in my planner at the start of the week which I break down into daily chunks and add to each day.  If I don't manage to achieve everything on the 'daily list' I carry it forward to the next day or later in the week.  Anything not completed by the end of the week rolls over to the following week, or is re-evaluated as to whether it actually needs doing or would just be a 'nice to do' if there were 48 hours in a day.  This system is a bit like the Bullet Journelling system but less complicated (at least I found the symbols, colours etc with the bullet journal system complicated!).

My family laugh at me when I say that I have to add something to the list or I need to make a list, but then I am the one they ask when the want to know when something is happening or what needs to be done!

I would be interested to know what systems or methods you use for staying on top of things, what works for you?

I know this has been a VERY wordy post, but there you have it, a round up (of sorts) of the last 5 months.  What I haven't included are details of the new products you can find in the store, or the new ones coming just around the corner, but I'll save those for another post.  

I'll try not to leave it another 5 months before my next post.

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